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Garden furniture cushions

Valikus on erinevate täitematerjalidega padjad ja madratsid aiamööblile. Pealismaterjalideks spetsiaalsed niiskust hülgavad ja pleekimiskindlad õuekangad. Koostiseks 100% akrüül vöi 100 % polüpropüleen. Hinnalt soodsamateks materjalideks on trükimustrilised kangad koostisega puuvill/polüester.

We produce standard shape and size chair cushions as well as special shape and size cushions for garden furniture:

 a) products filled with foam plate

 b) products filled with foam flock

 c) fiber-filled products


We offer beanbag models in different shapes and sizes, filled with polystyrene granules. Thanks to the filling material, the beanbags take a shape according to the body of the person sitting on it, and the heat-insulating filling makes sitting pleasantly warm. For top materials, we use artificial leather, strong polyester fabric with PVC or PU coating, which makes the fabric water repellent. If desired, it is also possible to choose the top materials from other stock fabrics. It is also possible to order beanbags with a print (as an example, the model "Mihkli" is shown below, the 4th beanbag in the top row).

Poufs and floor cushions

We use polystyrene granules as the filling material for poufs and floor cushions, similar to beanbags. Additionally compressed polystyrene and foam flock are used. These lightweight products are well suited to children's rooms, simply as extra seats or as a legrest. It is also possible to order the products with a print.

Decorative pillows

We produce decorative pillows in different sizes, both with a removable cover and a separate inner pillow, as well as simply filled with carded fiber or ball fiber. Pillows filled with ball fiber retain their initial fluffiness better and longer. In addition to carded fiber and ball fiber, it is possible to fill pillows with feathers and various mixtures: fiber/foam flock, feathers/fiber and feathers/foam flock.

Furniture cushions

Due to different filling materials and corresponding equipment, we produce inner cushions with various fillings for furniture manufacturers. The dimensions, filling composition and weight of the inner cushions correspond to the customer's models.

Health products

In our selection of health products, you can find sleeping pillows and neck pillows filled with natural buckwheat hulls. A warming wheat pillow filled with wheat grains helps to cure a cold, sauna pillows add comfort to sauna procedures. Special support pillows are intended, for example, for expectant mothers or for use in the event of trauma.

For pets

Mattresses for pets have been developed in different sizes and with different filling materials. We use foam flock, polyester fiber and foam board for filling. As top materials, we can offer water and dirt repellent materials, as well as soft imitation suede or durable polyester fabric.

In order to keep the shape of the matresses, we use inner cushions with channels or a tufting seam.