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Product development

We have long-term experience in producing of garden furniture cushions, including the production of sophisticated furniture inner cushions and various upholstery. Having the necessary knowledge in sewing technology as well as in the use and working with filling materials, we can offer our own help in the development of models. With the help of an experienced pattern maker, even very complex models can be produced.

Cutting service

We offer cutting service according to the customer's models and using customer's material. To carry out the work, it is necessary to have .dxf files suitable for the Lectra system or also as paper patterns. In the case of paper patterns, we digitize the patterns and save them on the computer. Deadlines are not long, but depend on the season and volume of our production.

Sewing service

We offer sewing services primarily for home textiles and various upholstery, for which we have experience and the appropriate equipment. Since seasonality is of great importance in our industry, free capacity for sewing service occurs in periods outside the peak season, mostly in spring and early autumn.

Filling service

We offer the opportunity for customers to bring us ready-made, sewn cases and fill them with the desired filling material. Possible filling materials are: carded fibers, ball fibers, foam flock, sticks cut from foam, feathers for furniture cushions and various mixtures of those listed above.

Machine embroidery

Machine embroidery allows products to be embroidered with a logo or decorations. The client's design as a file is required (.pdf format is preferred). The machine enables to embroider a maximum of nine colors.

Bias ribbon cutting

The bias ribbon is widely used on various sewing products. Since we have the necessary equipment for this, we also manufacture the bias ribbon from the customer's material according to the customer's desired width.